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©Ħąï €ŋ

1 Game nhẹ ( Người bay) on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:48 pm

Tên Thành Viên©Ħąï €ŋ
Hiện đang:
Tước hiệuThành Viên Xuất Sắc Trong Công Việc
Thành Viên Xuất Sắc Trong Công Việc

PC game | English | Genre: Fighting Action | 145 Mb

Determinance is a multi-player
sword combat game which allows you to create your own fighting style.
Block, strike, feint and parry while outmaneuvering your opponent to
gain the advantage, or slash wildly or creep in for a stealthy strike.
Utilizing an intuitive mouse-based control-system for the sword, you are
in control of it all. Take on a single opponent in Duel Arena, or
engage in a frenetic Free For All battle against up to eight other
players online or on a LAN.
Game features:
* Two game modes: Duel Arena, Free for All
* LAN, and Internet play (up to 8 players)
* Seven characters with their own individual taunts
* Five distinctive levels
* Offline play against bots with differing fighting-styles
* Nine original tracks by the musician nervous_testpilot
* Fully moddable: design your own swords, characters, special moves, etc.
* Utilizes the Feint Engine, based on the award-winning Torque game engine
* Intuitive mouse-based control-system for the sword.

Pass nếu có : congtruongit.com
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